0012055915_10Prana Crafter is the psych folk project of life-long forest dweller William Sol of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

Spanning the territories of lo-fi acoustic folk, heavy fuzzed psych rock, and ambient experimentation, Prana Crafter’s music has been released on such labels as Beyond Beyond is Beyond, Reverb Worship, Eiderdown Records and Deep Water Acres.

Prana Crafter’s latest album, and debut for Beyond Beyond is Beyond, is Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice. Raven Sings the Blues calls it “dank with the moss of the best burrowed forest psych – bubbling acoustic strums in a vat of ozone-scummed guitar.”

You can purchase Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice digitally or on limited-run chrome tape, featuring artwork by The Myrrors’ Nik Rayne here. Get in quick, the tape is already on it’s second run and sure to disappear like an apricot jelly mushroom in summer.